We have (with the states help) have begun digging out tee pad areas to install concrete tee pads. We have to dig out the area, put gravel down for drainage in non sandy soil areas, form the pads with 2x4s, then pour and trowel the concrete. As you can imagine, a huge project. We are doing 36 tee pads. The longs will be 12′ long by 4′ in front and 6′ in back. The short tees will be 8’x4′. So we really need some manpower at this time. Please make an effort to come out and help us. The more that show up to help, the easier it is for all. Bring your friends.

Saturday June 23 8:30 AM:  Please be there for our concrete pour. We hope to get 13 pads completed. Make us part of your day. We need your help.